• Joined April 2014 as Head of Religious Studies, Blue Coat
  • Appointed September 2017 Assistant Headteacher, in charge of staff development and Continuous Professional development, led our Newly Qualified Teacher provision
  • September 2018 brief extended to included becoming Director of Teaching School

“Being part of my school (Blue Coat) and The Cranmer Education trust drives me to want to achieve my own potential.  What we stand for aligns completely with my own values – doing our utmost to make a positive contribution to young people, supporting and developing their teachers at each stage of their career, and playing an active role in the communities that we serve. 

I’ve benefitted from a vast array of development opportunities, including bespoke mentoring and coaching from experienced colleagues through our forward-thinking line management structure, delivering Teaching and Learning masterclasses and leading Continuous Professional Development, piloting whole school initiatives, and working collaboratively across the CET to provide learning experiences for young people, their teachers, and trainee teachers.

My wider career development has also been supported by the CET as I was enrolled on a leadership course for aspiring Senior Leaders, and encouraged in being appointed an assessor for the RE Quality Mark and given the necessary resources to complete this aspect of my work.  These opportunities enabled me to develop the leadership skills, knowledge and confidence for the position I now hold.”

  • Joined as a trainee teacher 2015
  • Appointed to the Blue Coat School 2016
  • Appointed Head of Computing and Subject Mentor 2018

“The Trust has a sense of moral purpose, and values.  It serves all members of the local community.  I was born and raised in Oldham myself and it’s a satisfying experience to be able to change so many lives for the better. 

I’m proud to be able to give back to those who gave me so much; through my school (Blue Coat), through being able to work collaboratively with teachers in our partner primaries in my subject specialism (and teach Yr 5 and 6 pupils computing algorithms without using computers), through helping to train new teachers through our teacher-training arm Manchester Nexus, and more widely through our Teaching School Alliance, the Northern Alliance.  I’ve developed as a teacher, and as a person.”

  • Joined as Newly Qualified Teacher of Physical Education 2010
  • Appointed 2nd in charge and Head of Boys’ PE 2013
  • Appointed Director of Learning 2018

“The vision and values of the Trust match up with my own; helping young people become everything they can be, and everything they are meant to be. These core values of the CET make me proud to work here due to the impact you can make with the students.

The pupils are the reason you come to work in the morning. It’s a cliché, but everyday is different. It’s what makes it interesting. It’s a privilege to work within a Trust that has impacted on the future of so many young people and will continue to for years to come. The Cranmer Education Trust and Blue Coat School have always created pathways for progression from all stages in my career development.

The NQT training with knowledgeable professionals in all areas is second to none. The first thing that is instilled in you is that you are valuable, your contribution to the Trust counts, and that you are making a difference to the students in your care. Effective CPD that values the individual needs of staff has been key to my development.

There has always been stepping stone to the next stage. There is a staff workforce that is collaborative and pulling in one direction to help better the lives of children in Oldham and the Greater Manchester area. This along with positive relations within the CET and other local schools for collaborative practice has helped me along the way.  Opportunities are in an abundance within the trust.

The door is always open for the next stage in your career, providing you make the most of the chances available. You are never pigeonholed to a specific area. Having experience in a curriculum leadership position, as well as a pastoral leadership position, is a prime example of this. You never know which path you will take, but with effective mentoring and advice on offer, you find what’s right for you.”

  • Joined as Mainscale Teacher of English September 2010
  • Appointed Literary Consultant 2013
  • Appointed SENDCo 2015
  • Appointed Assistant Head: Achievement for All 2017

“The Trust recognised my strengths and have invested in them and where there are areas for development they continue to invest in that improvement. My vision and way of thinking has always been valued. I’ve been allowed to grow into the leader that I want to be; integrity is a non-negotiable. The pupils, their progress but above all their happiness is the most important thing to me and I’ve never had to compromise those values. As a Trust grows there might be that apprehension that names will become numbers, but I think the drive has always been about developing person-centred approaches to support pupils and staff. It makes me proud that even in the most strategic planning meetings there is always a place to discuss an anecdote or explore a case study; a reminder that ultimately, it starts and position I now hold.

The Cranmer Trust’s investment in my development was obvious from that very first day in September; I felt that I had really been listened to in my interview. I had shared my interest in SEND and as a result they ‘buddied’ me with the SENDCo. This link meant I was offered very early opportunities even in the first year to develop a curriculum for our SEND department.

It can perhaps be described as a 360 approach to professional development here in that it comes from all directions and considers that you also develop by contributing to the journey of others. It was the opportunities that the Trust gave to me coach and develop others through CPD or through growth of a department which has enabled to cultivate the leadership skills needed for my current role.

After my first year, I was involved in the delivery of CPD as well as the piloting of whole school initiatives. With this came the opportunities to work with a team of staff spanning all leadership levels, disciplines and responsibilities. This collaboration was fundamental to my development as it meant working with other professionals who modelled great practice and that ambitious strategic overview and vision. Obviously, this incorporated a formal process of coaching and mentoring but those informal opportunities to discuss and share ideas with colleagues was integral to that growth.

As we develop new initiatives, it is really important to work with other professionals outside of The Blue Coat and the Trust facilitated visits to other schools including primary schools to ensure there was a more holistic approach to my work. The school provided time and space for my own research and when I started as the SENDCo, they funded the NASENCo qualification (a Masters level qualification completed at Manchester Metropolitan University).

You quickly learn that professional development isn’t always about external CPD- although the school has always supported this- and more about those day to day discussions and work opportunities with a forward thinking and dynamic workforce. For me, I think the most important thing is that I always feel that I am being ‘moved forward’.”