The purpose of The Cranmer Education Trust is to provide excellent schools for our children and young people.

Our vision for our schools is that all our pupils thrive, achieve, experience success, and become the best they can be and the best they are meant to be.

Realising our vision depends on recruiting, developing and investing in the very best teachers for our young people. They are the key to the future.

The Cranmer Education Trust is a nationally accredited, independent Initial Teacher Training provider. The Manchester Nexus SCITT invests in recruiting the best trainee teachers from across the country. We train them in Trust schools, and in our partner schools in our Teaching School Alliance, which includes schools and colleges in four Local Authorities. We support teachers in our schools to train new recruits; we invest in their professional development, and their leadership. All teachers in our fast-paced, ever-changing context lead, and The Cranmer Education Trust will ensure that they have the knowledge, skills and confidence to do this.

We are a Church of England Trust. Our values and the way we work as a Trust are grounded in the Gospels. This is servant-leadership, always with the children and young people at the centre.

We serve a multi-faith, multi-ethnic and multi-talented community, and welcome both schools with a religious character – which we will nurture – and community schools who want to join us to build the best schools, the best teaching, and the best future for our young people.

Latest News From The Trust

A New Secondary School For Oldham

The Cranmer Education Trust, founded by The Blue Coat School, is starting a consultation about opening a new secondary school in Oldham.

Headteacher and CEO of the Cranmer Education Trust, Julie Hollis said, “The Local Authority’s data shows there is a considerable shortfall in secondary places. Plans to expand existing schools will help alleviate this, however these developments can take time. As housing developments continue to bring more people to the area, the pressure on secondary places in Oldham is in danger of becoming acute. We need to plan ahead, and make sure that Oldham has another really good secondary school to offer choice to all parents and to help build up the overall quality of education across the town.

Faith Day Review

Faith Day. In November, the Blue Coat School Religious Studies department hosted ‘Faith Day’ for all of our Year 7 students. We also welcomed the Year 5 classes from East Crompton St James’, East Crompton, St Georges’, and St Lukes’ Primary schools; who all took…

Together we will make the future better for our young people and our local area by: giving our children and young people the skills and confidence to achieve and succeed, ensuring all our staff are skilled and valued, with rewarding career opportunities, investing energy and creating opportunities in our local area.
Ours is a multi-ethnic, multi-faith and multi-talented community. We build understanding, respect and inter-connectedness so that our young people become good citizens, good neighbours, and people we are proud to know. We build partnerships with our schools, our Alliance, and beyond, so that everyone benefits and improves. We build links with businesses to give our young people great opportunities and futures, and create a skilled, energetic, highly employable workforce. We involve and inform parents so that they are connected to their children’s learning and development.
We build excellent learning, progress and achievement through a rich curriculum that fosters curiosity, investigation, creativity, perseverance and resilience. We build excellent teaching through our role as an Initial Teacher Training provider and excellent leadership and management through our investment in professional development for our staff. We build excellence in our organisation by focusing on our values and developing a climate that encourages everyone to aim for the highest.

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